Worldwide Wednesday: Saint-Marcellin Cheese


It’s Wednesday! You know what that means: it’s Worldwide Wednesday. Paris is still on my mind so I’d like to talk about my encounter with a creamy French cheese.

There were a few things I wanted to do in Paris:

  1. Take a picture of Pont Neuf Bridge (I have a weird fascination with bridges)
  2. Eat baguettes
  3. Try a new food

My friend cheese-loving friend, Danielle, gave strict instructions for our Parisian adventure: to go to La Terrasse de 7eme, sit outside, order Saint-Marcellin cheese and white wine.

A weird cheese… *cringe* …I’ll only do it because Danielle might pass out knowing I went to Paris and didn’t try it…

Believe it or not, I’m picky about my cheeses and prefer to stick with Colby Jack or Mild Cheddar; Mozzarella and Provolone are acceptable, also. Yes, I know that I should have a refined cheese palate given my Wisconsin roots (then again, I don’t cheer for the Packers either… Go Bears!) but some cheeses are not my idea of appetizing. Blue cheese is actually moldy; gorgonzola tastes like morning-breath flavored toothpaste and goat cheese might be poisonous.

The server confirmed our order and did something every picky eater fears – he spilled the details. During his excitement for our order, he mentioned that Saint-Marcellin is a goat cheese. I briefly panicked and proceeded to pretend that I didn’t hear his comment.

WW2 - Saint Marcellin (Adrian)

The moment of truth arrived. The soft circular cheese sitting in front of me didn’t look like goat cheese, rather a small loaf of bread fresh from the oven. To my surprise, the rind was almost non-existent and when sliced the creamy, gooey cheese rushed onto my plate. I will admit that I was weary of the unusual consistency of this “goat” cheese but when spread on a fresh baguette, it was the most delicious cheese I ever tasted. I was in heaven – and so was my mom – we immediately changed our schedule around so we could come back for more the following day.

The best news is, I did everything I wanted to and more!

WW3 - Pont Neuf (Adrian)
The Beautiful Pont Neuf
WW2 - Baguette (Adrian)
I love bread

Pickin’ Your Brain:

  • What new foods have you tried while traveling abroad? I want to hear your most memorable story!