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It’s no secret that I love to travel. I am passionate about visiting new places and creating new experiences… except when it comes to food. I’ll be honest, most of the places I’ve traveled are “picky-eater approved” (and not by accident). I’ve been to Rome because having pasta at every meal for a week straight is like knocking down the game winner in overtime…seven days in a row. I’ve also lived off of fresh Fish & Chips in London and Hungarian goulash in Budapest but I know the day will come when I have to try gyros in Greece, sushi in Japan and salmon in Alaska.

Worldwide Wednesdays is where I will document my adventures abroad and even share my experiences with foods from different countries in my own city. I want to hear your story, too! Whether you are eating your first cannoli in Sicily or trying a vegetable spring roll at the Thai Restaurant down the road, Worldwide Wednesday is all about sharing foods from around the world.

My first Worldwide Wednesday is dedicated to Paris. Mitch and I visited Paris for 36 hours on our six-week European tour a few years ago. That’s right, we only spent 36 hours in Paris because Mitch didn’t want to go. I refused to go to Europe and not stop for a French baguette so we decided to spend one day in The City of Love. As it turned out, Paris was a highlight of our trip and Mitch wishes we had stayed longer. Why? Because he loves to eat.

Pastries in Paris
Pastries in Paris

We ate a lot that day. Between the baguettes and Berthillon, crepes and croissants, falafel and frites, it seemed like we were constantly eating and we were okay with that. The only part I hated was when Mitch tried to get me to eat escargot at dinner but that’s a different story. Paris got our stamp of approval and we both promised to return.

I’m going back much quicker than expected – my mom has never been out of the US and I decided that needed to change. In January, I used most of my frequent flyer miles to buy two round trip tickets to Paris for my mom and me. After months of planning, it is finally here! I hope my second visit to Paris is as successful as the first – eating as many macaroons and pain au chocolat as I can while avoiding foie gras and escargot in the process.

See you tomorrow, Paris!

WWW1 - Eiffel Tower (Gordon)


Pickin’ Your Brain:

  • For those of you who have traveled to Paris, what is your favorite thing to do?

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  1. Great post! And for a moment I actually thought you were going to eat snail! My favorite part of Paris was walking along the Seine River with a beautiful picky eatin’ girl…

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