Worldwide Wednesday: Gelato Messina


My world would be dark and lonely without ice cream. I drink chocolate malts to celebrate, eat Cookies & Crème to make a bad day better, and even enjoy a scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip when I’m too full for dessert. While I don’t like to admit it, I eat ice cream almost every night. No, that’s a lie – the truth is I eat ice cream every night. It’s possible that I’m borderline addicted to this creamy, cold treat. If there were a hotline for ice cream addicts, I’d consider arranging evening sessions. Let’s just say my 2016 resolution, that I can only eat ice cream the number of times I work out each week, hasn’t started yet.

Ice cream’s favorite relative, Gelato, came into my life when my aunts and I traveled to Italy after my high school graduation. It was my first trip abroad so I naturally chose a destination based on my ability to eat. Having no other choice but to eat pasta and gelato for 10 days straight made my taste buds explode with excitement. I averaged 2.5 gelatos a day, a challenge for some but an effortless task for a gelato groupie like myself. Lalia’s having a coffee? Okay, I’ll have a gelato. We’re going to Florence today? I need a gelato for the train ride. We’re in Florence? I have to make sure Florentine gelato tastes as good as Roman gelato. It’s time to wake up? Gelato for breakfast is the best idea ever! Needless to say, I suffered from severe gelato withdrawals when we returned to the States…

Despite my committed efforts to find authentic gelato outside of Italy, nothing compared until I traveled to Australia in 2013. When I studied abroad in Sydney in 2010, I was infatuated with Darrel Lea’s Australian Licorice and Pancakes on the Rocks but in 2013, Gelato Messina was everyone’s everything. I approached Messina with low expectations because my previous searches for authentic gelato were met with false hope, disappointment and tears.

Gelato Messina was different.

Gelato Messina

The modern decor, ridiculously delicious gelato, and staff of gelato-enthusiasts set this Australian-Italian gelato café apart. The gelato is so smooth, so creamy (without using much cream), and so flavorful, I wanted to move next door so I could eat it every day. Even more, this gelateria is interesting and unique. Messina is passionately dedicated to working with raw ingredients and experimenting with new flavors and textures – the gelato makers work behind a giant glass wall so everyone can experience the process of creating happiness in a cup (or cone!). Thirty five permanent flavors and five weekly specials are churned remotely and you can tell. Apple pies are baked in-house (yes, there is apple pie gelato), pistachios are cracked by hand, and you could argue that they are hiding a garden of fruit on the roof because the fruit sorbet are that fresh. The hardest part about leaving Australia was (arguably) leaving Gelato Messina behind.

Gelato Messina

So, what’s better than traveling to Australia for some Messina? Finding out that the only Gelato Messina location outside of Australia happens to be in the city that I live in. That’s right – Gelato Messina is in Vegas, baby! Life as I know it has officially changed.

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