Worldwide Wednesday: Airplane Food


There are many reasons to hate air travel. Some people despise the fundamentals of flying and everything that comes with it – the nightmare of checking bags, removing everything but your underwear to pass security, and overzealous TSA officials, just to name a few of the irritating things. Not to mention the dreaded boarding process full of aggressive boarders and unhelpful gate agents. Other travelers are annoyed by air vents that don’t work and TV monitors that play movies you’ve already watched.  Most people hate the fact that flying means they are stuck in a tube of airborne illnesses for the next three hours and everyone’s flight gets a little worse when a crying child sits in the seat next to you. Then comes tarmac delays, turbulence, and sketchy landings that end with the embarrassment of passengers clapping at touch down.

For me, food is the worst part of flying. 

It wasn’t always this way. When airlines offered light snacks with the beverage cart, I thoroughly enjoyed pretzels and apple juice halfway through my journey. Without warning, most airlines decided to increase ticket prices and omit complimentary snack service on domestic flights and I’ve been bitter ever since. The reason people bring food on board is because snacks aren’t served anymore!! There’s nothing worse than the potent smell of Micky D’s lingering for the duration of the flight….

International flights are tricky, too. The idea of eating on an airplane is exciting: flight attendants walk down the aisles with airplane food carts, delivering your hot meal right to your seat. Then, the beverage cart comes offering unlimited drinks of your choice! Too bad the fun stops there…

“Chicken or Pasta?” the flight attendant asks while I continued the conversation to get a better description. Ordering on the spot and without a menu doesn’t work for me but I ultimately decided on the safe option: pasta. Then, she plopped this down in front of me:

WW3 - Airplane (Adrian)

My pickiness protruded in full effect – I’d rather go hungry than eat that. The idea of eating on an airplane might be fun but the reality of it is not. An unfamiliar dining environment coupled by food that looks inedible is not my idea of fun.

From that point on, I have not taken an international flight without stocking up on as many snacks as possible before I cross the security check point (it pays to prepare…snacks in the terminal are three times the price!). Who said it’s scientifically proven that taste buds don’t work properly in high altitudes, anyways? My peanut butter M&Ms and Original Recipe Gardetto’s taste just as delicious in the air as they do on land. I think it’s just an excuse to cover up the fact that airplane food is awful.

Happy Travels this holiday season!

Pickin’ Your Brain:

  • What do you hate most about flying?