The Wedding Series – Part One: Beef, Chicken or Fish

Wedding Season is here.  It’s weird to be at the age when my friends are getting married.  It’s even weirder to receive countless “Save the Dates” and be unsettled until the formal invitation arrives listing what will be served for dinner. The next few weeks I’ll be documenting my experiences as a picky eater during wedding season – this is part one.

I’m a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding this coming weekend. It is something I have never been before and something I’ve been looking forward to during all my brides-maidenly duties: brainstorming wedding décor, attending bridal showers, the bachelorette party and finally, the wedding.

An important part of the process, as a bridesmaid or not, is opening the wedding invitation to see what will be served for dinner.  Most wouldn’t think twice about this crucial step, but this is what makes or breaks a picky eater’s experience at a wedding.

To make a seemingly difficult situation better, my invitation to Alex and Ty’s wedding never arrived. She blames it on the wind blowing invitations out of her mailbox; I translate that into her sparing me the 20-mintue self-debate over the details of her selected meals. A picture of a cow, a chicken and a fish is the only description I get? But does the steak have sauce on it? What comes with it? Will everything on the plate be touching? If so can I request a neatly arranged plate? What happens if carrots are served with the chicken dish but sugar-snap peas are with the fish? Will I be able to switch the vegetables without anyone noticing?

“What do you want for dinner?” Alex called me one afternoon. “Chicken, steak or fish?”

A question she wanted to last 20 seconds actually lasted 20 minutes. As a picky eater, I had questions – and since my invitation is drifting through the cornfields of Southwestern Minnesota, I was determined to get details. She described each dish as she remembered them and gave her honest opinion of each. We decided that “Chicken Dinner” was my best bet. It was a surprising decision as I probably would have picked the beef entrée had my invitation not been swallowed by the storm-like winds. I also would have regretted every bite.

The picture of a cow on a wedding invitation translates to: beef tenderloin with mushroom crème sauce, steamed cauliflower and garlic mashed potatoes.

Note to self: From now on, I will call every bride for the description of each dish served at her wedding.

She picked up on my hesitation and made the situation better by promising that I can have Toppers Pizza delivered straight to the Head Table if I don’t like my dish. What a good bride.

How was the picky eater’s meal? Find out next week on The Picky Eater: Wedding Series.