The Picky Writer

I have a confession to make: I love pens.

In fact, I have been picky about my writing utensils since kindergarten when I refused to use Crayons that weren’t sharp. That’s right – if I was given a handful of dull Crayons, I refused to use them and asked my kindergarten teacher for sharpened ones. My projects didn’t look as good with dull Crayons as they did with sharp. What may seem like a demanding request for a five year old was actually not so farfetched because my teacher had similar feelings toward Crayons as well. Needless to say, we bonded over being Crayon snobs.

I had a rude awakening when I left that kindergarten classroom. I thought I would be graduating from Crayons to pens until I learned that the only option for first through fifth graders was pencils. For five years, I was forced to use boring No. 2 pencils that made my worksheets ugly and stained my fingers with graphite dust. I had to channel my longing for pens in different ways – a dream that was turned into a reality on the first day of fourth grade when all of the chalkboards in the school were replaced with dry erase boards. Now if those gigantic “pens” don’t make you want to jump out of your seat and become over-engaged in classroom activities just to write on the board, I don’t know what will.

My excitement for middle school was based solely on the fact that I was allowed to use mechanical pencils and pens. Finally, the creative expression I was deprived of since kindergarten was re-emerging. My middle school years were spent hoarding and trading Gelly Roll Glaze Pens among other colorful writing utensils. When high school came around, I discovered the Black Pilot G-2 0.7mm Fine Point pen. The fantastic rubber grip makes it fun to write and the smooth (but not too smooth) ink actually makes my handwriting legible. If I had it my way, I would supply all businesses and restaurants with my these pens so I wouldn’t ever have to write with anything else. Actually – I’d facilitate a boycott movement against Bic, Papermate and other unworthy pen distributers. Yeah, that would work.

My extensive devotion to Crayons and pens is very similar to picky eating. I am picky about my pens because I want my project to look good. If a pen makes my writing choppy or my notes are not organized with conservative color-coding, I will re-write until I am satisfied with it’s appearance. The same goes for picky eaters. We want our food to look good. If food looks terrible, picky eaters won’t touch it. We are very in-tune with our senses and believe that when food does not look appealing then it will not taste appealing (similarily, if food doesn’t smell good it won’t taste good). Picky eaters will not put gross looking food into our mouths if it is the last thing we do. Don’t even try convincing us otherwise because nothing will make us budge from these standards.

At the end of the day, appearance is everything for pen aficionados and picky eaters alike.