The Picky Shopper

Yesterday was a special day. It’s a day that only comes around once a year and happens out of necessity, not because of desire. It’s a day that my boyfriend and I aren’t in our usual roles – yesterday my boyfriend went shopping for new clothes.

For the afternoon, I left my shopping interests behind and let Mitch wear the clothes. Let’s be real. He didn’t try on a lot of outfits – he was a quick decision maker, kept his eye on the sales and couldn’t get out of the fitting room fast enough. Shopping with Mitch made me realize that we have very different shopping styles and that for me, shopping is like picky eating.

I am a picky shopper like I am a picky eater in three main ways:

1. I do not act on impulse. Some people walk down a street with no intention to buy anything and suddenly see a cute outfit in the window and the next thing they know, they are walking out of the store with it. I approach shopping like I approach food. If there is something special that I want, I rarely buy it right away. Instead, I think about it and make sure that it is something I really want in my closet. The same goes for food. There are some new foods that I really want to like but I have to prepare myself to try it. Instead of jumping right into it, I take time to make sure that it is something that I really want to eat.

2. I need to match. What matching means to me is not what matching means to others. For example, a blue shirt with a pair of blue jeans is something I would never wear together even though is doesn’t bother me when other people wear this combination. There are lots of things that go with blue jeans but blue shirts are not one of them. When it comes to eating, cream cheese on a bagel is like wearing a blue t-shirt with blue jeans. Cream cheese on a bagel is something I would never pair together even though it is a normal breakfast for most. For me, butter smeared on a toasted bagel is the perfect match. Similar to blue jeans, there are many toppings for a bagel…except cream cheese.

3. I don’t buy cheap. Some people shop at stores where they can buy dozens of tops for $30 while others buy clothes that might be a bit more expensive but are also better quality. My closet doesn’t overflow with hundreds of items that pill after one wear, rather is home to fewer clothes that last for seasons. I have the same mentality when I am hungry and need something to eat. When I am hungry, I don’t want to eat an easy and cheap meal. Instead of picking up a quick hamburger at the drive thru, I would rather wait to eat quality food that will undoubtedly satisfy my hunger.