The Picky Movie Watcher

When my boyfriend and I went to the movies this weekend we went through our normal routine. We stopped at the gas station to get candy because we refuse to overpay for anything besides the tickets at the theatre. Besides, the assortment of candy at the gas station allows us to choose exactly what we want. Mitch loves Starburst or Swedish Fish and I like Peanut Butter M&Ms, all of which do not come in reasonably sized packages at the movie theater.  Yes, we are those people that sneak candy into the theatre and we’re proud of it.

When it comes to our movie watching routine, our similarities stop there. Once we sit in our seats, Mitch stops talking. He doesn’t speak until after the previews are over and even then he uses few words to express his opinion of the trailers. He opens his candy before the movie starts and unscrews the top of his water bottle in fear that the nozzle will squeak and disturb those around him. I, on the other hand, think about myself more than others at the theatre. I excitedly comment during the previews that I find interesting and vocally assert my disappointment with those that are less than appealing. I don’t want to eat all my candy during the previews so I wait to open until the movie starts, which also means I receive the death stare from Mitch because I have to crinkle the wrapper in order to open it.

These are just a few differences we have when it comes to watching movies. But it got me thinking. Picky eating is similar to going to the movie theatre:

1. I prepare to go to the movie theatre just like picky eaters prepare to go to restaurants. I usually don’t go to the movies just to go. I see advertisements for a particular movie that sparks my interest and then I watch the trailers…but not the whole trailer because I don’t want to ruin the movie, obviously. Then I decide if I really want to see it in the theater or if I can wait for it to come out on Netflix. I watch trailers before the movie like picky eaters look at menus before going to a restaurant. It’s exciting to know what I’m getting into but not know exactly what to expect. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t always watch trailers before the movies just like picky eaters don’t always skim the online menu before dining out. However, when we skip this important step we always wish that we hadn’t.

2. I ask questions to make sure I’m getting it right. The commercials that warn movie watchers to silence their cell phones and quietly consume candy so not to disturb others around them were theoretically made for me.

I would never talk on my phone during the movie nor obnoxiously slurp my drink… but I might ask a few questions like Mort the Mouse Lemur in the Madagascar Policy Trailer (above). I’m not given the luxury of pausing the movie and asking questions at the theatre as I do at home (which I’ve learned is equally as annoying). But it’s even more annoying to be confused for the duration of the movie because I unintentionally missed something important in the storyline. If someone else had this same problem, I would want him or her to quietly whisper in my ear to clear things up. I ask questions during movies because I want to make sure I understand everything correctly, just like picky eaters ask questions about the menu at restaurants. When the server asks, “do you have any questions about the menu at all?” before taking our orders, I take full advantage. If I don’t see a particular vegetable substitution on the menu, I ask if it is available in the kitchen. If I’m uncertain about a dish, I ask the server to describe it so I can picture what it’ll look like and make a more informed decision. I ask questions at restaurants to clarify the smallest details in order to avoid confusion. Whether we are at the movie theatre or at a restaurant, picky eaters like to know exactly what is going on.

I never expected watching a movie to be like picky eating, but then again I never thought I’d compare myself to an animated Mouse Lemur either.


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