Feedback Friday: Café Zupas Restaurant Review

PrintNo matter the time of day, Café Zupas is always busy. While busy restaurants bother most people, it boosts a picky eater’s confidence – the food must be good, otherwise the whole city of Las Vegas wouldn’t be there!

Café Zupas is a fast casual chain that serves soup, salads, and sandwiches. The restaurant is structured around your interests and your tastes. There are countless options for a fresh and flavorful meal – if I wasn’t so picky my favorite combo would be the California Protein Cobb with Wisconsin Cauliflower soup or the Mangoberry Salad with a Turkey Bacon Avocado sandwich. Want your mouth to water even more? Café Zupas also serves a variety of house-made crème brûlées, cakes, and dessert bars. The best part – everything from the salad dressings and soups to the sandwiches and desserts – are freshly made in-house every day. The menu is simple yet innovative, healthy yet appetizing, and overwhelming yet exciting. It’s a perfect place for a filling meal!

When I go to a restaurant that only serves soups, salads, and sandwiches, I look for four different things: chicken noodle or tomato soup, French dressing, and a build-your-own sandwich option. If a restaurant has two of the four, I’m happy. At first glance, the variety of salad ingredients and soup selections behind the glass divider made it appear like Café Zupas had everything. With a closer look, I learned that of the dozens of salad dressings they serve, French dressing is not on the list. It’s disappointing but I wasn’t surprised. The farther I get from Wisconsin, the harder it is to find French dressing at restaurants. Apparently, this delicious tomato-based dressing that Wisconsinites love is not appreciated throughout the country. However, I was surprised that Café Zupas didn’t offer chicken noodle soup because, unlike French dressing, this traditional soup is timeless.

So, what’s a picky eater to do without chicken noodle soup and French dressing? Thankfully, Café Zupas had the only other kind of soup that I eat – tomato basil – and it was delicious. I also ordered a lettuce salad – yes, lettuce in a bowl with balsamic oil on the side (I didn’t want them to think I was literally going to eat a bowl of lettuce without anything else on it…like a rabbit would). The staff members at Café Zupas were not unique to questioning and confused looks when I confirm that my salad doesn’t need any more ingredients; it happens everywhere. However, the three to four different staff members who tried to enhance my salad graciously accepted my ways, which doesn’t always happen when I place such a strange order. Little did they know, I came prepared and had a small Tupperware of French dressing in my purse. When restaurants don’t serve French dressing, I bring my own!

Cafe Zupas_Picky Eating

I felt a little guilty about sneaking dressing into the restaurant so I bought a drink, too. I’m all about delicious liquids but I don’t usually buy soft drinks at restaurants. I was happy I did when I saw the make-your-own Italian soda station. I poured lemonade with a squirt of soda water into my cup and then added a few pumps of raspberry syrup. Delicious and refreshing! The best part of the whole experience was the chocolate covered strawberry included in each meal. It was an unexpected and thoughtful treat to end my meal!

Café Zupas is not the most picky eater friendly restaurant I’ve been to – I had to navigate the menu and bring in my own dressing, after all – but when I did find something to eat, the food was delicious. I definitely recommend this restaurant to any picky eater who has the ability and patience to navigate. On other note, I always seem to want soup and salad on Sunday, and learned the hard way that Cafe Zupas is closed on Sundays.

Restaurant: Café Zupas / 7060 S Rainbow Boulevard / Las Vegas, NV 89118 / 702-936-7200

Picky Eater Approval: 4/5

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Yuck or Yum: Turkey


Nothing says Happy Holidays like a giant golden bird in the middle of the dining table waiting to be shared among my closest family and friends.  Believe it or not, turkey and I have a fantastic relationship. My taste buds approve of this Thanksgiving Butterball and my life is so much easier because of it. I actually feel sustained during holiday feasts rather than being in my normal hangry tizzy during dinner events. It’s also the only meat I eat in cold cut form – no ham, roast beef, chicken or pastrami, just turkey  – which means I have a go-to sandwich option (if you consider turkey and white bread a sandwich).

YY4 - Turkey Sandwich 2 (Ingrid)
My definition of a turkey sandwich (thanks, Jimmy Johns!)

Side note: Can you imagine if turkey didn’t exist and I refused to eat sandwiches? I can’t. I would have starved before pre-game meals in college and would be forced to avoid business lunches like a cat avoids water. Actually, I would probably skip lunch altogether because it’s my least favorite meal of the day. I also don’t enjoy breakfast foods. So my first real meal of the day would be dinner, which I would probably eat with my grandma at 4pm. She would enjoy that. But seriously, thank goodness for turkey.


Needless to say, I am thankful for turkey.

I am thankful for turkey because it gives me a slice of normalcy. Let’s be real, life without sandwiches would be hard.

I am thankful for turkey for because I love napping. Supposedly, turkey meat contains tryptophan, which our bodies use to produce serotonin that helps regulate sleep. Even though tryptophan is found in other foods, it’s most commonly blamed on turkey (probably because it’s consumed in large quantities on Thanksgiving). Some people say this is a hoax, but I believe it. I can’t keep my eyes open after turkey feasts no matter how hard I try. The fact that I eat 2-3 helpings instead of my normal, lone serving is beside the point…

I am thankful for turkey because it means family. Turkey brings my family together for the holidays. Nothing can beat that!

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

Pickin’ Your Brain:

  • What is your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving?