Sunday Special: Back to Work


It’s time for the Sunday Special!

Sunday Specials is where I post about anything and everything. Sometimes I will post picky eater approved recipes and other times I’ll post about more than food so that you can get to me beyond my eating habits. I also hope this allows me to get to know you better!

As you know, I have spent the past week in Paris. Some highlights include an incredible dinner with a gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower, walking down Avenue des Champs élysées (which happened to be closed to motor traffic on the day we visited the Arc de Triomphe…how lucky!) and eating fromage while sipping Bordeaux at a different cafe every afternoon.

SS1 - Triomphe (No Filter)

When I think about going back to work all I do is daydream of being back in Paris. To walk the small cobblestone streets, warm baguette in hand, amongst Parisians who are bundled in scarves and ponchos enjoying the brisk fall air…don’t get me started…

Needless to say, going back to work this week will be rough but what can I do to make it better? I’ve come up with a few strategies to help relive your post-vacation blues, too

Three ways to make going back to work after a long vacation a little easier:

  1. Prepare lunches. Most likely, your vacation was full of delicious dinners and snacks that you normally wouldn’t have back home. You’re on vacation; it’s okay to splurge! Now it’s back to healthy eating and your body will appreciate it! However, it’s equally as important to have something to look forward to after a vacation that was full of excitement and new experiences. Put something that you normally wouldn’t in your lunch so you have something special waiting for you at lunchtime. Since I have yet to perfect my macaroon recipe, I might bake chocolate chip cookies tonight. I’ll stick a few in my lunches throughout the week and bring the rest into work for my coworkers to enjoy.
  1. Workout. I will admit that I’m dreading to start up my workouts again. Although though my mom and I walked 52 miles while we were in Paris, it’s hard to get back into it after a few weeks off. Forcing yourself to get back to the gym is important for your routine and overall happiness. There’s nothing like endorphins to help get you through the work week…then again, I don’t like coffee.
  1. Relax. Traveling is exhausting. It’s important to listen to your body and prepare for what will be a long, tiring week ahead. Drink plenty of water, get as much sleep as you can and schedule a massage. A massage after a vacation, you might ask? Getting back to the grind means lots of unread emails, work meetings and long days at the office. If you  make it through five full days of work, you deserve a little treat…

Pickin’ Your Brain:

  • What do you do after a long vacation to get back into your work routine?