No Sweet Potatoes, Thank you

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It’s hard to believe that my hatred of sweet potatoes is so strong given my love for regular potatoes. Baked white potatoes are my favorite. I don’t even need all the toppings – sour cream, cheese, or bacon – to make this spud delicious. In fact, I prefer to leave them out of the equation entirely. Just give me a bunch of butter and I’m happy! Getting back to sweet potatoes… the overbearing sweetness throws me off and I can’t find anything to contain it. Salt and butter don’t help, and I’m not about to use marshmallows, coconut oil, or any other weird thing like that to make it taste better. Doing that is actually the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Supposedly, sweet potatoes are healthier than regular potatoes but in my case, the effect yams have on my mental health far outweighs their nutritional health benefits.


  • This orange vegetable is sweet and mushy goop. Yes, mushy goop. Regular potatoes aren’t mushy or goopy, which is why they will always be the superior potato
  • If you’re going to have sweet potato fries why not just have a regular fries? They taste so much better and their both fried anyways…
  • Sweet potato casserole topped with marshmallows, brown sugar, and/or pecans is my worst nightmare.
  • From a young age, I always thought yams were the food of rams. Don’t ask me why because I couldn’t tell you. Can you picture a bunch of bighorn sheep eating yams at Thanksgiving dinner? The image is scary; which is why I strongly believe that yams are not people food.

Why don’t you eat sweet potatoes?


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