No Radishes, Thank You

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When I think of radishes, I think of my mom dipping a radish-pink root vegetable in salt and taking a bite with a huge smile on her face. My mom and her siblings grew up eating radishes and are quite fond of them – some of her happiest (and weirdest) memories are eating her grandma’s radish sandwiches. That’s right, radishes in-between buttered slices of white bread with salt and pepper seasoning. Fortunately for my picky tastes, I was born a generation later and avoided the radish craze in the Rach household. I’ve tried to uphold the tradition, but cannot overcome the tingling sensation in my nose every time the sharp, spicy taste touches my tongue.


  • Radish tails remind me of the awful 1980s rat-tail hair trend, which makes me sad and uncomfortable.
  • The Sweet Beet says is best: “They’re the food equivalent of chaperons at a high school dance, tolerated but not celebrated. The more they stay by the sidelines (whether in a salad or a gymnasium) the better.”

Why don’t you eat radishes?


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