No Onions, Thank You

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Onions and I have never been friends – not chopped up in pasta sauce, not sliced on hamburgers and not even caramelized on an innocent New York Strip steak. I first noticed onions when I was in third grade. My aunt shivered in disgust from the sight of them on her salad and I couldn’t agree more. At that point in my life, I didn’t even know what an onion tasted like and I didn’t care to know.


  • If something can make you cry before you eat it, there is a reason to avoid it.
  • If something smells like body odor, there is another reason to avoid it.
  • The texture is terrifying. At one point in my life, I blended pasta sauce (yes, I put Prego sauce in a blender) so I wouldn’t have to feel the crunch of onions with each bite.
  • The difference between cooked and raw onions is mind-boggling. Slimy, clear noodle-worms when cooked but white (sometimes purple) styrofoam-looking strips when it’s raw. It’s too much for me to handle.
  • One time, I saw someone eat an onion like an apple, which solidified my disgust of onions.

Why don’t you eat onions?


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