No Kale, Thank You

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It was a hot summer day in August 2011 and my new college roommates had just arrived to start the soccer pre-season. I walked into a house that smelled like burning grass. I quickly opened all the windows on the first floor as my roommate walked into the dining room with a pan of shriveled green leaves. “Kale chips fresh from the oven!” she excitedly proclaimed. I panicked for a variety of reasons: (1) the smell of this unfamiliar vegetable was making me gag; (2) the weird baked vegetable looked disgusting; (3) I knew I had to try it because I didn’t want to be rude. She was my new roommate, after all. I haven’t had raw kale or baked kale since.


  • Kale is basically shriveled lettuce.
  • The taste and texture are terrible. In fact, if baked kale has an awful after taste, I can’t imagine what raw kale would have.

Why don’t you eat kale?


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