No Cucumber, Thank You

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It was my first company trip during my internship in the Summer of 2012. We finished a long day and decided to go to dinner. A co-worker ordered a Hendrick’s with club soda and cucumber and asked what I’d like to have. Weirdly, and unexpectedly, I told him that I’d have the same. Being a cucumber skeptic, I was pleasantly surprised by the refreshing and delicious drink I tasted. I didn’t know if it was the subtle vegetable or the  14-hour day that made it so tasty. The cylindrical green gourd was officially on the list of foods that I approve until I tried it by itself. I quickly placed cucumber back on the “do not like” list.


  • Cucumbers are seedy and watery, like a bothersome mix of watermelon and celery.
  • Crunchy or mushy, flavorful or tasteless, bitter or sweet, I can never catch cucumbers on a “good” day.
  • Yes, cucumbers and (dill) pickles are different.

Why don’t you eat cucumber?


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