No Celery, Thank You

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Eating plain celery is like eating crunchy water. It tastes like what I imagine water in solid form would taste like. Taste aside, celery is stringy. You know what I’m talking about, right? These annoying celery strings make it extremely hard to achieve a clean bite. I rarely chomp off a whole piece without leaving celery strings behind. Cooked celery might reduce my  encounters with celery strings, but it makes the entire situation worse. Celery in soup is my most unfavorable food enemy. Period.


  • As soon as I lay eyes on the lanky green vegetable topped with an abundance of feathery leaves in the grocery store, I quickly navigate around it before my boyfriend sees it. He loves celery; I despise it.
  • Some believe celery smells awful; I don’t consider celery to have a distinct smell at all. Other people think celery tastes great; I find the taste of celery terribly unpleasant.
  • I like water in liquid form not solid form, thank you.

Why don’t you eat celery?


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