No Cauliflower, Thank you

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Some people think cauliflower is a magical vegetable. You can use it to make pizza crust, puree into “mashed potatoes” or blend into creamy soups. According to my picky taste buds, only Houdini himself could make these creations out of this gross and tasteless vegetable. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer bland food over anything else. To me, bland is the most delicious of them all. But cauliflower actually makes bland taste bad. That’s when you know something is really wrong.


  • Albino Broccoli. The White Supremacist of Vegetables. Ghost Trees. Whatever you call it, nothing makes cauliflower taste any better.
  • The white floret sitting on your plate was once a green floret that has been wrongfully stripped of its soul.
  • Replacing carbs with cauliflower was the worst idea in the culinary world. It’s an insult to regular pizza, mashed potatoes, bread, and tortillas that are perfect in the first place.

Why don’t you eat cauliflower?


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