No Blackberry, Thank You

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I love raspberries. I love strawberries. I don’t like blueberries. I’ve wanted to like blackberries ever since I was a kid secretly picking this dark berry from my friend’s garden. In comparison to raspberries, blackberries are huge! I want them to  burst with juicy flavor but never fail to leave me hopelessly disappointed. They are sour, crunchy, and dull. What a shame.


  • Blackberries kind of taste like soap. A blackberry flavored foam soap.
  • The seeds. Oh, the seeds! If blackberries didn’t have seeds I might feel differently about them.
  • Blackberries have an intense color that stains your fingers for days (trust me, they attacked the raspberry bushes when I was little…we picked so many blackberries that summer).

Why don’t you eat blackberries?


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