No Beetroots, Thank You

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When I see a beetroot, I think of my grandma. She is mannerly at the dinner table and takes her time when she eats. She uses a knife and fork to cut her food, even when she could easily slice though it with the side of her fork. She cuts her food into small bites and chews it thoroughly. I’ve never seen a person eat with such grace. When beets are in the picture, however, this picture is quite different. Beets are her table etiquette exception; she eats them like they’re going to run off the plate. Whether boiled, steamed, peeled, cooked, or pickled, grandma devours this deep purple vegetable with a spoon, fork, or even her fingers. They are her favorite. I wish I liked the taste of beets as much as I appreciate the memories of them and my grandma.


  • Beetroot actually tastes like dirt. Yes, I know what dirt tastes like. It’s sad to admit, but I conducted a secret beetroot-dirt experiment when I was younger…
  • Staining is an issue. If beets are too close, they will turn all the other innocent food on my plate pink. I rarely stain my shirts while eating, but I risk dying my shirt pink by eating a beet. And pink is my least favorite color.
  • Supposedly, beets have many great health benefits. They lower blood pressure, increase physical performance, fight inflammation, cleanse the body and more. So why does my heart beat so fast whenever I’m surrounded by them?

Why don’t you eat beetroot?


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