No Apricot, Thank You

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Many of my young summertime memories involve apricot juice dripping down my chin and landing on the wooden deck below. I spent my summer vacations outside; my mom supplied foods that were easy to eat on-the-go and apricots were one of them. As I grew older, fond memories of this light orange and fuzzy fruit faded. The juicy and flavorful fruit became dull and pithy. After a few experiences with pithy apricots, I gave up on the stone fruit all together. Now-a-days, it’s not that I don’t like apricots as much as I despise the pithy ones.


  • Do I always catch apricots when they are over-ripe and pithy or do they always have a grainy texture? The work that goes into finding a ripe apricot without a weird texture is exhausting.

Why don’t you eat apricot?


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