Feedback Friday: Hugo’s Cellar Restaurant Review

Feedback Friday_Please Don't Make Me Eat ThatHugo’s Cellar was fun from the get-go. We walked down a curved staircase in Four Queens Casino into a dark basement restaurant. The host wore a gigantic smile and handed all of us girls a single rose stem.

We were escorted to our table in the back and experienced the entire restaurant along the way. It was a dark atmosphere with large old-school booths against the brick walls and candle-lit tables in the middle.

There are a few things that made Hugo Cellar’s a unique dining experience:

  1. The breadbasket was impeccable.

2. My mom and her friend ordered Martinis and I had a Cosmopolitan. Our drinks came with a crystal jug (it had a handle) that ended up amounting to three full drinks. What a deal!

3. Can you say tableside salads? I was so excited about this, until I realized that they didn’t have French dressing or balsamic vinaigrette (believe it or not, I’m warming up to this dressing because restaurants so seldom carry French anymore. Sometimes I just want to be normal and eat a salad like everyone else, is that so much to ask?). I had a plain lettuce salad with balsamic vinegar and oil (which I learned is entirely different from balsamic vinaigrette) or what the salad man called a “honeymoon salad”.

4. In between the salad and main course, everyone was offered a mini cone of raspberry sorbet to “cleanse the palate”. Yummy!

Hugo's Cellar_Picky Eater Approved

My mom and I each ordered a filet mignon. Other entrées at the table included the Filet and Shrimp Aux Poivre (a five ounce filet and jump shrimp in a green peppercorn sauce); Hugo’s Chicken (a great of chicken stuffed with sun-dried tomato pesto and roasted garlic sauce); and Salmon. Each entrée came with your choice of potato. Consider yourself warned: Hugo’s does not let you leave hungry. Everything. Is. Delicious.

All in all, eating at Hugo’s Cellar guarantees a fun and special evening that you don’t want to miss next time you are in Las Vegas.

Restaurant: Hugo’s Cellar / Four Queens Hotel and Casino / 202 Fremont Street / Las Vegas, NV 89101 / 702.385.4011 /

Picky Eater Approval: 4/5

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