Feedback Friday: Picasso Café Restaurant Review

Feedback Friday_Please Don't Make Me Eat ThatMitch and I spent less than 24 hours in Oklahoma City but we didn’t let it stop us from our normal travel routine. In a new city, we try to do what the locals do and most importantly, eat where the locals eat. Fortunately, our time in OKC fell over a Sunday, which allowed is experience the notorious Picasso Café brunch.

Picasso Café is nestled in an old pueblo-style house in the Paseo district of Oklahoma City. The character of the restaurant suits the artsy community that surrounds – it has dark wood floors and colorful walls filled with paintings. Between the charming interior and energetic vibe, Picasso Café is the place for good food and conversation in OKC.

Three upbeat hosts greeted us at the door. Their excitement quickly turned to worry when they learned that we didn’t have a reservation. Okay, I’ll admit it. We knew that Picasso Café was the place to be on Sunday mornings but we didn’t realize it was reservation-worthy. (Note to Self: Picasso Café’s Sunday brunch is definitely worthy of a reservation). The hosts sensed our disappointment and scrambled to find us a spot. Luckily, we snagged the last two seats in the house.

Picasso Cafe_OKCThe heart and soul of Picasso Café is noted in their philosophy “Great Food is an Art” and the menu shows it. The award-winning menu features health-conscious and creative dishes that leave guests debating which to choose far longer than they should.

In our case, Mitch drooled as he studied the menu whereas I became quite parched. The menu was, perhaps, too creative for my picky taste buds (and I was feeling especially picky that morning). When in doubt, I concoct a meal of sides. This one included brunch potatoes, Farmer’s white toast, and bacon with a regular Bloody Mary on the side. Mitch picked the Breakfast Burrito that came fully loaded with scrambled eggs, bacon, chorizo, pico de gallo, cheese, southwest potatoes, vegan chili, and crème fraîche. He washed it down with the Picasso Bloody Mary. Mitch and I agreed that our meals were delicious. My brunch potatoes were incredible and the Farmer’s toast was toasted to perfection.

Food aside, I loved the friendly nature of the restaurant. Everyone in a black GREAT FOOD IS AN ART (aka EAT AT PICASSO CAFE) t-shirt that passed our table made conversation. Yes, the conversation revolved around our food but it wasn’t an annoying and repetitive “how-is-your-food?” kind of conversation, rather it had genuine interest and curiosity. In addition to the fantastic food and energetic employees we left Picasso Café feeling better than when we entered.

Thanks, Picasso Café…we’ll be back!

Restaurant: Picasso Café / 3009 Paseo Drive / Oklahoma City, OK 73103 / 405.602.2002 /

Picky Eater Approval: 4/5

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