Feedback Friday: Panevino Restaurant Review

Feedback Friday_Please Don't Make Me Eat ThatPanevino is tucked away in an industrial building complex directly across from the McCarran International Airport runway. I didn’t expect much when I walked into the dark restaurant but when we rounded the corner, a stunning curved glass wall overlooked the Strip. The unique view alone made Panevino a worthy choice.

I have dined at Panevino several times since my first experience at this authentic Italian restaurant and not much has changed – the view is amazing, the food always impresses, and the wait staff is welcoming and wonderful.

My aunt introduced me to the restaurant when I first moved to Las Vegas a year ago and it is usually our go-to spot when she visits. Her stop over earlier this week was no different.

We started with the Warm Artisan Bread, a giant bread balloon baked to order, which was delivered to our table fresh from the oven. We also ordered the Fried Mozzarella because I was feeling distant from my Wisconsin roots. Together, it was the perfect picky eater pairing – the bread was topped with just enough salt and the mozzarella was so fresh I didn’t feel like I was eating a fried and greasy mozzarella stick.

Panevino_Artisan Bread_Fried Mozzarella

Usually, restaurants with large menus don’t do a good job – it’s best to be really good at a few things than mediocre at many – but this is not the case at Panevino. The large Italian menu is impressive. It includes a variety of delicious items from fresh pastas, dry pastas and risottos to fish, meat, plant-based selections and more.

When my aunt suggested that we share our dishes, I didn’t completely ignore the conversation. Like most picky eaters, I usually think family-style dining is a terrible idea and opt to order something with no intention of sharing. This time, however, I was interested to hear what Lalia and Mitch were ordering. Mitch chose the Tagliatelle Short Rib Mario’s Style that entailed homemade wide fettuccini with slowly braised short ribs in a red wine and fresh tomato sauce. Laila went for the Ravioli Four Cheese that included ravioli filled with ricotta, provolone, Gorgonzola and mozzarella in a creamy vodka-tomato sauce and homemade Italian sausage.

Panevino_Homemade Pastas

“I’m in!” I confidently proclaimed as Lalia and Mitch stared back with confusion. While they knew it was completely out of character for me to agree to share, they didn’t know that I briefly considered ordering the two meals they selected. In true picky eater fashion, I wanted a bite of each without committing to the entire meal.

My heart was set on homemade wide fettuccini with Bolognese, an item that did not appear on the menu but my request was granted nonetheless. All three dishes were wonderful – the short ribs were perfectly cooked, the homemade pasta was spectacular, and the vodka-tomato sauce on the ravioli was excellent – but I was happy that I stuck with my normal Bolognese.

If you have not been to Panevino yet, it is an Italian kitchen that you don’t want to miss.

Restaurant: Panevino Italian Grille / 246 Via Antonio Avenue / Las Vegas, NV 89119 / 702-222-2400 /

Picky Eater Approval: 5/5

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